Who is CQ?

Along with the visual arts, modeling in particular, has always been a passion for me. I began modeling in the late eighties as an artistic model, during college, where I learned to hold prolonged poses as students created their sketches. Though this isn't the type of modeling I currently focus on, I did continue it into the late nineties, posing for an artist who was commissioned for figure drawings for a medical book on a study of the Chakras. I also currently plan to work with this same artist for an upcoming series of paintings. Experience like this helps me with my current photo work in that I can, not only create very interesting and artistic poses, but also hold them or make specific subtle changes while a photog creates his/her idea. After moving to Colorado in the mid nineties, I've had the pleasure and privilege of both working with many wonderfully talented photographers, and shooting in some of the most beautiful locales there are. I enjoy print work very much, and have been involved in several different types. Among them I've shot sport, lingerie, artistic, fashion, figure, editorial, casual and Goth, or alt. At about this same time, I also began doing catalog and promotional work. Among my credits are catalog and spokesmodeling work for a Colorado based music store 1996-1997, CAMP (Colorado Artisans, Models, and Photographers) model 2003-2004, Adrenal X Trophy/"Rev" Girl 2003, Promotional model for General Motors (PGA Tour sponsor) 2004, Model for both Not Vanilla, a Vancouver based fashion designer, and for Nikhat Shaikh, a Bombay India fashion designer for runway,print and television, both in India and in the UK and USA, -and most recently, model for Misty Rose and Extreme Urban Productions, two up and coming designers in the bay area. Additionally, I'm also currently featured in two international publications, with one of the features being reprinted in a canadian magazine called the Canadian Blind Monitor, a public educational resource. The first is the January 2005 issue of the quarterly magazine, Dialogue, which is published in 26 countries and focuses on visually challenged individuals who are succeeding in their careers despite difficulties or challenges they may encounter.
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the second is an online publication called Disabilities.AFreePress.com, a UK based site which is a comprehensive online resource concerning those with disabilities and those around them, for all aspects of their lives. I currently enjoy print and promotional modeling in the Los Angeles area, where I'm looking forward to being involved in more creative and outstanding work and meeting many more gifted models and photographers. I've always had a taste for the creative and expressive in everything I do. As a model, my comfort in front of a camera or an audience allows these qualities to help me bring something special to a shoot or event. I really enjoy what I do, so am reliable, professional, and take direction well. I don't like my time wasted, so won't waste yours. Despite blindness since age 15, I have an extremely good visual sense about me, with a nice, edgy fashion sense and style, (having had sight) which I bring to modeling, to help anticipate what it is a client or photographer might be looking for. I think not only good dialogue can be important for nice shots, but one's abilities as a model, to be aware, and improvise on the spot to help create great images and enjoy doing it. It's nice to achieve what you're after and have fun with it as well! Cara Quinn