The Garden Path

Here are some other links you might enjoy. New links will be added at the top of the page. - Throughout this site you will find there are some questions and other material which reflect the thinking of John Perry, its editor, and also that which represents the writing and thinking of others working around disability issues.
The aim of this site is two fold:
To promote social inclusion for people with disabilities. E.g. living independently, training, education and employment to name but a few!
We will also be covering a range of stories and issues that will be of interest to the wider community.
We hope to encourage contributions from disabled and non disabled people across the world and to share your views as to what you believe are the issues which concern you.
Should you wish to submit an article, advertise or sponsor our newspaper please feel free to contact us.
Please note initial adverts can be free for up to 90 days and if you or someone you know has a useful web site we can let others know about it through our newspaper for free!

John Perry

JKP Enterprises Ltd Tel/Fax: 0151 933 4809 Mobile: 07749 230762 E-Mail: or Web: Web: - This is the website of the amazing and incomparable Andre LaFosse. <smile> -Nothing more need be said, visit for yourself...

Teddy's Center for the Blind - This site is an excellent resource for books, tutorials, software and links dealing with a wide range of topics relating to accessibility and use of the PC, both for the blind and sighted alike.

The Guitar Cafe - This is an e-mail list for musicians, instructors, or guitar enthusiasts. we discuss technique, music theory, or share musical snippets, or even just stories and a few laughs around playing guitar.

BadFiction - This is an e-mail list community for writers. Though fiction appears in the title, all types of writing are welcome. We're a fun-loving and supportive group with a great sense of humor!

Looper's Delight - This e-mail list is a very good world-wide resource for everything concerned with loop-based music.

HTML Tutorials in Web Page Design - This is an excellent, very informative website with HTML tutorials authored by John Gilson, where you, too, can design your own Web site with 40 interactive HTML tutorials and lessons. Also try your hand at JavaScript or check out a search engine submission service.

The Arachnophilia Homepage - This is the site where you can find the very user-friendly and feature-rich, Arachnophilia HTML editor which I used to create this website.