Whispers in the Wind

Naked Blues

This is a recent live improv with two other looping musicians. Jimmy George joined Chris Filben, (bassist) and myself, on guitar, and added his vocal stylings to our lil' jam! -A whole bunch of fun! © 2003 C-Music

Sincerely (exerpt)

This is an exerpt of a piece a student and I, played a couple of years ago. Though it's production is not quite the best, it's very special to me. I hope you enjoy it. © 1999 C-Music

Rain (exerpt)

This is part of a much longer loop-based piece which is still a work in progress. All of the sounds are done with the same guitar, except for the drums, obviously. © 2001-2002 C-Music


This is a short loop-based piece which came to me on New Year's Eve 1999. Usually my loop-based pieces tend to evolve and change as they go, however as I wasn't recording this one while playing, it had already come to a place that was special to me, so I simply recorded it then and have left it as is. -Hope you enjoy it. © 1999 C-Music