The Reflecting Pool

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Dragon Promo Pic Click here to enlarge Dragon Promo Pic

this is a photo I did a couple of years ago for a flier for guitar lessons, which is now the cover of my CD, Muse. The dragon statue is real, and is located in a park close to me. It's called Cameron's Dragon, and was made by a grandmother for her grandson. All the kids love to play on it. We removed the background and replaced it with fog for a very interesting effect. © 1999 Chance Art

Greeting CardClick here to enlarge Greeting Card

This was taken for a greeting card photo. © 1997 Chance Art

Dreaming Click here to enlarge Dreaming

This is a photo we decided to play with, with a number of interesting effects. -Hope you like it. © 1997 Chance Art

Ranch 2 Click here to enlarge Ranch 2

This is part of a series of photos taken at a nudist resort which has some very beautiful scenery. The Dreaming photo above, was also taken here. Though very artistic, this photo may be considered adult in nature, so if this sort of thing offends you, you might want to consider not viewing or downloading this one. <smile> -Thanks... © 1997 Chance Art