The Reflecting Pool - (More Photos)

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Ranch 1 Click here to enlarge Ranch 1

This is the first of the series mentioned on the previous page. It's similar to Ranch 2, but with a slightly different angle. © 1997 Chance Art

Leopard 3Click here to enlarge Leopard 3

This was taken this past Halloween. What fun! © 2002 C-Music

Garden Swing Click here to enlarge Garden Swing

This was taken on the fourth of July of last year. <smile> It's a nice little swing on a hot summer's day... © 2001 Chance Art

Star 1 Click here to enlarge Star 1

This was taken last year on the fifth of July. Star is my friend's cute little Italian Greyhound, who is, herself, a little firework! © 2001 Chance Art